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CSgt Alan Williams, former Irish Guards.

Leaving the Military and finding "pull” can take time and not always be obvious. In your last year of service use Project Recce to help find out what makes you tick it will come to you in time. Don’t be afraid to network with as many people as possible and explore different avenues. One of my biggest assets when looking for a job was applying myself and showing a willingness to learn when I explored my next chapter on various work placements. On my journey out of the Army, Project Recce was a fantastic gateway community that supported my transition and helped me align my aspirations into the construction industry. The construction industry is a big place! Remember, on your next journey you are not alone. Hundreds of people transition in many different industries, the contrast is you are different, you have many transferable skills which a lot of other people don’t. Project RECCE is a fantastic tool to help you discover what these skills are and how to project yourself in your next steps.

Al now works as an Assistant Construction Manager at Glencar Construction Ltd.

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CSgt, ex UKSF Support Operator (22 years)

"I would like to openly thank the Project Recce team for all their hard work and support, from the Pathways to Construction Course as well as their unwavering personal dedication to service leavers and veterans alike.
It truly has been enlightening for me and I cant thank you enough."



WO2, ex EOD Operator (33 years)

"Project RECCE. I can recommend this hidden gem to anyone who is in their resettlement process with a desire to work in construction or similar related area (e.g. plant, health and safety, environment, quality, rail etc). To put it in terms for the non-military in my LinkedIn associations… there is a marked difference between knowing what to do and knowing how to do it and Project RECCE is invaluable in that respect. To express in terms for those in the transition period… Project RECCE will give you your arcs and the target set, the limit of exploitation is up to you. Thanks to all involved for a very focussed couple of weeks which has moved me on considerably."


WO1, RLC Movement Controller of 22 years.

I have had a busy and thought provoking couple of weeks attending the Project Recce Pathways into construction course.
Project RECCE CIO deliver a unique transition programme to service leavers supporting them into civilian employment in construction. The days have been packed, not only developing an understanding of the construction sector, but highlighting some of the potential pitfalls of service transition and the struggles faced by veterans… absolutely invaluable.
One thing I will certainly take away from these past two weeks is that there are some really supportive individuals and organisations willing to step forward and help service leavers. The positive ripple effect that Project Recce creates enhances, improves and I will go as far a saying, saves lives. 
I have now been able to structure MY plan. A plan that not only frames the next eleven months in service and a transition into civilian life and employment, but one that ensures I am successful in my (next) chosen career. 

My journey is only just beginning, one that now feels significantly more informed, focused and positive. 

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