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Neil Houlihan, CEO

2023 will be a huge year for Project RECCE. Since completing the transition from CIC to registered charity the organisation is now established at the forefront of supporting both Military Veterans and Service Leavers into their chosen careers, on a national level.


The completion of Project R HQ in Stockport now provides a suitable base of operations for both the expansion of the charity and the return to face to face training delivery, as well as being registered with Association of Service Drop-In Centres for anyone seeking career advice or support with transition.

We continue to expand our unrivalled network in the construction industry and other vital sectors and expand our Ambassador Programme across the UK. 

“Having a job is the single biggest factor that improves the life chances of a veteran once they leave service.”

 “We’ve got to go from saying this is going to be the best country in the world to be veterans, to making veteran’s really feel like it is.”

Rt Hon Johnny Mercer MP - First Cabinet Minister for Veterans Affairs.



Despite the efforts of many well-intentioned charities and organisations, there are still too many veterans and service-leavers struggling to find meaningful #employment in sectors that can best leverage their skills.


There are also still too many employers who have not yet recognised the tangible benefits to be gained by hiring veterans in their workforce.


What if there was a charitable organisation that targeted its knowledge and network of a particular sector where the #skills, experience, values and standards of veterans was proven to create impact & focused its efforts entirely on that industry?

What if that organisation could also provide the unique #mental and physical well-being support to veterans and service leavers in transition?

What if it also provided an unparalleled network of experts in related professions and subjects to optimise the transition path?


We can and we do!

Project RECCE is a charity that has been developed alongside veterans for veterans.

We do everything we can to help any willing and ‘work ready’ veteran into the construction industry. We are driving a pathway for veterans, regardless of previous experience, rank or role, for them to acquire suitable skills in preparation for a meaningful career in this expanding sector. Taking the many transferable skills that a veteran has gained through service life, such as coping with adversity, overcoming obstacles, adaptability and a unique resilience that only military life can give them. Making that accessible to the construction industry so veterans can add true and measurable value to their businesses.


Project RECCE takes the values and benefits of the service community and helps implant that into the #construction industry through strategic partnering. Through growing a network, fast tracking placements, providing #mentoring and training. Helping the construction industry become part of the veteran’s thriving future.


In our short history we have already successfully placed over 250 veterans and service leavers into meaningful employment.


You can help us go further!

Could you be our next RECCE ambassador?

Can you assist the board of trustees?

Could your network and skill set change someone’s life or support someone into a new career?

Does your organisation understand the meaning and purpose of the Armed Forces Covenant?

Do you want to hire the best?


 We are really crossing the Line of Departure!

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