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What we do

The Project RECCE Pathways into Construction course is a two-week online course, delivered by the charity every six weeks.


The aim of the course is to prepare Veteran's and Service Leavers for a sustainable career in the UK Construction Industry, regardless of their previous experience.


Successful candidates will benefit from the introduction to an unrivalled network of construction employers and fellow construction veterans, a CSCS card and H&S qualification course. The two-week course focuses on two main themes: 

Week 1 
Resilience to Civvy Street.

  • Military values and standards and their application in civilian employment.

  • Self-leadership.

  • Motivation.

  • Problem solving.

  • Decision making.

  • Understanding mental health.

  • Fitness and nutrition.

  • Veteran's stories.

Week 2 
Close Construction RECCE.

  • Introduction briefs by UK construction companies.

  • Construction CV writing.

  • Effective LinkedIn networking.

  • Strategic Communication.

  • Mock interview sessions.

  • Health & Safety in Constriction.

  • CSCS card.

  • Education and whole life development.

Post course

We will arrange for the next step your career based on your desired outcome. That may be an interview, a site visit, a work trial or further education.

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