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1. Is Project RECCE a charity or CIC?

Project RECCE is a registered charity or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), incorporated in September 2021.

2. How is Project RECCE funded?

Project RECCE is funded through grant funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the Veteran's Foundation and other grant organisations. It is also funded through fundraising and donation from corporate partners such as Balfour Beatty and Sunbelt Rentals.

3. Who can access help from Project RECCE?

Any person who has served a day in any branch of the UK Armed Forces, regular, reserve or CFAV or is the spouse or direct family member or any of those may access our services.

4. How do I get on a course?

Visit and scroll down the first page until you see "upcoming courses", choose the relevant date and the ticket type that meets your circumstances, and click "reserve you place." We will then contact you to verify your details.

5. Why should I attend your course?

The Pathways into Construction course will help you to identify your strengths and transferable skills, it will help you to understand why your military experience is so vital to the construction industry, how to best deal with transition into civvy street, how to better understand your mental health, what roles are available in the construction industry, how to craft a construction CV, how to network using LinkedIn. You will gain a Level 1 Construction Health & Safety qualification and a CSCS card. Most importantly however, you will be given a little black book of construction contacts, some veterans and some civilians, who are working in the industry and have pledged to support you.

6. I don't have a trade and I'm not Royal Engineers, is this for me?

The majority of our beneficiaries have never set foot on a construction site. Just like the military, the majority of roles are in "enabling" positions such as Project Managers, Site Supervisors, IT and HR support, Operations and Liaison roles. The course will help identify where your skillset will be best applied and where you will find job satisfaction.

7. How much is it to attend a course?

We ask for individual donations to attend one of our courses to help cover the cost of delivery. This is a three tier approach. If you are still serving and are still entitled to a Standard Learning Credit (SLC) claim, we ask that you use this claim to fund your place. If you are still serving and can afford to, we ask that you make a personal donation to secure your place (we will let you decide how much). If you are an unemployed veteran, there is no cost at all to attend the course.

8. Do I have to attend the whole course?

You must attend the whole course in order for us to validate that you are work ready and that we fully understand your individual needs. The course runs from 0900 - 1630 each day for the full two weeks.


9. Will I get a job at the end of the course?

We can never guarantee that you will be employed by one of our corporate partners on completion of the course. However, all of our partners are looking to employ ex-military personnel and have signed the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC). They have identified that those who have served in the armed forces are business critical for their organisation. We can however, ensure that we can offer site visits, work trials and contacts within a company should you wish to build a relationship. If there is a job available, there is a good chance that you will be given preference as a RECCE beneficiary.

10. Do I have to go into a construction job at the end of the course?

No, one of the aims of the course is to help identify where you will find a rewarding second career, not merely a job. If that is outside of the construction industry, that's great! Our aim is that you are happy and valued wherever you go!

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