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Partner with Purpose: Empower Change with Project RECCE

Join Forces for a Greater Impact

We extend a warm invitation to you to forge a meaningful partnership with Project RECCE. As a charity committed to supporting the military community, Project RECCE aims to build bridges between the armed forces and the private sector, fostering collaboration for a brighter future.

Why Partner with Project RECCE?

Visibility in bids

By partnering with Project RECCE, your company gains a unique advantage in the competitive bidding landscape. Elevate your proposals by proudly showcasing your commitment to social responsibility and supporting the military community.

Generate Social Value

Collaborating with Project RECCE is more than a partnership; it's an opportunity to make a lasting impact on society. Your involvement will contribute directly to initiatives that improve the lives of veterans, service members, and their families.

Enhance Company Image

Stand out as a socially responsible and compassionate company. A partnership with Project RECCE not only demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility but also enhances your brand image, attracting like-minded clients and stakeholders.

Access Military Talent Pool

Tap into a unique talent pool of disciplined and skilled individuals. Through our partnership, you gain exclusive access to potential employees with a background in the military, bringing diverse skills and perspectives to your workforce.

Social Media Community Platform

Join ERV, our exclusive social media community platform designed specifically for the military community and forward-thinking companies. Connect, collaborate, and share insights with a network of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact.

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Opportunities for Fundraising

Demonstrate your commitment to social causes by participating in fundraising initiatives. Engage your employees and clients in charitable activities, fostering a sense of community within your organization while contributing to Project RECCE's mission.

Henry Williams & Son (Roads) Ltd

Henry Williams and Son (Roads) Ltd are a Civil Engineering company based in N. Wales and are reaping the benefits of a strategic partnership with Project RECCE. They are about to hire their second military veteran from the charity and recently made a £5000 donation!

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