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20 years since Operation TELIC

In April 2003, as a young #Craftsman in the #REME, wet behind the ears, brand new to green kit, I deployed to Iraq on Operation TELIC II. I remember vividly the build up to the invasion that unbelievably, occurred 20 years ago! I remember the troops from my unit who were prepping for the actual invasion, the sense of foreboding that they felt, especially around the fear of chemical and biological attack. Then watching the invasion and warfighting day-after-day until it came to my turn to deploy. I was in theatre to witness to joy in the aftermath of the toppling of Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath Party with some notable and downright bizarre events taking place whilst I was over there. The eventual capture of Saddam Hussein was one, and being bussed over the border to the British Embassy in Kuwait in dusty kit, for a carol concert, amongst plush surroundings was another. I'll never forget it and am flabbergasted that this all took place 20 years ago!!

The skills I learnt and the experience I got as that young craftsman carry me forward in everything I do today.

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