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Comms at the Heart of Strategy

We were joined on Wednesday on the Pathways into Construction course by Gerry Osborne, a legend, Project RECCE ambassador and a communications expert who rightly suggests that we should always put communications at the heart of any strategy, if we want to effect real behavioural change. We at RECCE believe that we are gradually changing the narrative around employing #militaryveterans and #serviceleavers, that it is now becoming less of a #corporatesocialresponsibility duty, and more #businesscritical to the success of any company.

We benefit from having the most professional military in the world and the people employed within are key to that. 15,000 of them are leaving every year and coming into the job market. We need to do more as a country to snap these people up and accommodate them, value them and give them the structured career development and training that they deserve in their second careers!

Talk to us if you would like to find out how.

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