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Donation from Corinthian 1382

The RECCE SLT (senior leadership team) and Board of Trustees are thankful for this donation that was used to provide a screen for presenting at RHQ and will make a huge difference to the Charity.

Corinthian 1382 kindly made a much needed donation that was used to purchase the screen (seen in the photographs). This important piece of kit allows us to present to service leavers and veteran cohorts, as well as our ambassadors and corporate partners.

CEO and Co Founder Neil Houlihan said 'We are very grateful for the support of all our ambassadors, who make such a huge difference to the charity. George Thompson and Malcolm Maycock have provided guidance and support as well as much needed fund raising from the very beginning and have been influential in the decision to convert from CIC to CIO'.

'You can not put a value on our ambassadors time, which is so critical to the delivery of the pathway into construction and resilience to civilian life elements of our unique course'.

Ambassador Lt Colonel (Retd) Gerry Osborne, Army Air Corps presents a CPD session on strategic communications to the RECCE ambassador network on the screen that was kindly donated.

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