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Sunbelt Rentals and Project RECCE

You will all know by now that we had a very productive meeting with the Rt Hon. Andy Burnham last week.

But, also on that day, we were honoured to be presented with our first piece of mess property for RHQ. Sunbelt Rentals UK & Ireland and Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. have been instrumental in the success of Project RECCE CIO so far and have employed many of our beneficiaries, strongly supporting them in their second careers. Sunbelt, through the efforts of individuals like Jackie CuthbertShane (Mac) McKenzie, SOF, Dssm, Brett Kobell, Sarah MacGregor and Lucie Affleck are among the most proactive of employers when it comes to the #veteran talent pool and subsequently reap the rewards from the vast range of transferable skills that they offer.

Sarah MacGregor, through the mayor, presented us with a framed #unionjack and #starsandstripes (#oldglory) that had been carried on the #cumbrianchallenge to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee last May. This will be treasured at RHQ and will take pride of place in our training room. Long may our strong relationship continue, and here's to a bright Sunbelt/RECCE future!

If your company has yet to recognise the benefit of employing military veterans and service leavers, get in touch with Project RECCE to find out how to make the first step.

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