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The Day Balfour Beatty Came to Town

On Tuesday 27th June, Project RECCE HQ in Romiley had the honour to host a hybrid quarterly meeting of the @BalfourBeattyPLC Armed Forces Steering Group.

For those that don't already know this, Balfour Beatty, and a special mention to their Head of Professional Development Tony Ellender, have been instrumental in the spectacular success that Project RECCE now enjoys. We are the strategic charity partner of the company and have been able to play a part in how Balfours engages with, and recruits armed forces veterans and service leavers. We also have a number of Ambassadors working for the company, Graham Martin, Sabrina Matthews and Steve Doolan, to name but a few.

The agenda for the day touched on a report from RECCE and brainstorming session from senior Balfour Beatty management and the wider steering group, some joining us via TEAMS, on how to improve our offering. Balfour's pioneering Military Talent Pathway, the conception of which RECCE played a big part in, was reported on and looks to be bearing some awesome results, with the next 2 years looking very promising indeed. It is our belief that Balfour Beatty really does offer something unique in the Military Talent Pathway, in that, an individual may be recruited straight from service, perhaps lacking in the perfect qualification set to meet the requirements of the role, but with a starting salary appropriate for that role in which they will then be employed in, and mentored over the following 6 months, until they feel comfortable to go it alone. This provides that "soft landing" that service leavers and veterans often need. When a company is willing to take the leap of faith and invest in a service leaver or veteran to such an extent, they will reap the benefits in spades.

Strengthening ties with the Corps of Royal Engineers and other branches of the military was also discussed at length, which also looks to be really promising.

Overall, it was heartening to witness a company who have already realised the benefits, seriously discussing employing our ex service people, not just because it is a nice thing to do, or because it is a way of thanking an individual for their service, but because it is business critical to have good people, with strong values and standards, and an unmatched work ethic on your side in a competitive industry. Well done Balfour Beatty, and here's to a bright future together.

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