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27th Pathways into Construction Course

Last Friday was end-ex on our 27th Pathways into Construction course. That's 11 x #military#serviceleavers in #resettlement and #veterans in a much better place and prepped for a leap into second careers in the #constructionindustry.

A huge thank you to:

Tony Ellender

Jimmy Quinn

James Martin

Matt Bragg MBE

Dan Corthorn

Maria-Theresa Miles

Thomas Merriman

Leighton shirton

Rebecca Crook

Jim Bolton

James Elliott

Carrie Allen BSc (Hons) CMgr Engtech

Jim Elliott spoke to the cohort about mental health.

Jon White AfCGI MCMI

Sean Molino BCA

Rob Shenton

Ted Macdougal

christian booth

Karl Gilmore

Marlon Barlow

Becky Larner

Joe Gibbons LCGI

Jackie Cuthbert

Claire Chamberlain

Maurice (Mo) Perkins

Sarah King Dan Stanley spoke about Self Leadership

Gerry Osborne

Dan Stanley

....and anyone else that dug out for the guys on the course!

It's only when we list everyone that we are once again reminded of the support that comes together to ensure these courses go ahead and have such an impact. A big P.O.B for everyone who volunteers their time!

If you are a veteran, service leaver or part of the forces family and would like to take a closer RECCE of the construction industry, register now for our 28th course taking place in September 2023.

Jimmy Quinn spoke to the course about the

world Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality


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